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Wait, What Starbucks?

I read in my school newspaper today, The Exponent, that Starbucks is going to start selling wine and beer in their stores. Supposedly, its due to bringing a different market into their stores and to bring more traffic in during the evenings.

Granted, only select stores (specifically, Atlanta and Southern Cali) will start this new idea by the end of the year and if it goes well, it should expand to smaller areas by next year. Starbucks has even started this in their home state of Washington last year, but they won’t post how successful its been. I mean, it must be successful if they are expanding to Georgia and Cali.  

I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I can understand that they want to bring more money in. And the selection of beer that they plan to bring in isn’t crap; personally, I’m a fan of Stella. I just don’t want my coffee shop to turn into a bar. I guess when Starbucks starts selling Bud/Coors/Miller Light, I’ll know they hit an all time low.

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